Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome to My New Blog!

Who I Am

Well, let me start by telling you Who I Am.

My name is Alicia and I am 25 years old. Simple enough. I am also a daughter, sister, wife, and mother. :) To me, the most important thing in life is my family. I have wonderful parents whom I look up to, and have always been there for me. I have 3 wonderful brothers, a wonderful husband, and a very cute, very active 15 (almost 16) month old with another due in December.

After my family, then comes my passion – making things, selling things, and business related things. I’m kind of a geek when it comes to business matters. I love reading things online about small business, going to seminars, and I even received my degree in Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship. As for making things, I like to dabble here and there with all kinds of crafty ideas, but my biggest passion is crochet. I can get so absorbed when making things and I absolutely love it! :)

The business end of it:
I started selling Home Decorating items in 2005, the fall after I graduated high school. This was to help fund my college expenses. Well, a couple years down the road when I started needle felting, my mom and I decided to let the business go. We decided we didn’t want to sell manufactured things anymore when we made high quality products ourselves. Who wouldn’t want to buy some high quality handmade products? So that was the end of the home decorating business.

In 2009, right before I got married, my husband and I decided it was time for me to resign from my position at an insurance agency, and fulfill my dream of being a successful entrepreneur, so after our wedding in May, I left the end of June.

Since this time, I have dabbled a lot with so many different items, then, when I was pregnant with my son, I couldn’t needle felt anymore. The motion of the needle felting actually made me feel sick… So, I needed to find something else to do to pass the time. That’s when I re-found crochet. I had actually made wash clothes to have as little gifts for at my baby shower. After seeing how much the guests did actually love them, I decided to start Own Something Awesome, which has led me to where I am today. :)

Why Am I Blogging & What Am I’m Blogging About?

I decided I wanted to start a blog to post interesting things I find. I find all these great products on Etsy from all kinds of sellers, but sometimes, people just have no where to have their stories told. Well, I want to help. I want to find some of the new sellers, or even some old sellers, who really haven’t completely been FOUND yet. I want to hear their stories, and I want to share those stories with you!

I also want to blog about any interesting DIY projects, free patterns, etc.

Another topic is living more self-dependently from the corporate world in a way. Just trying not to depend on going to the store to buy every single thing I am going to use or consume. Examples would be gardening, canning and storing, making your own such and such (laundry detergent recipes), things like that. :)

How Can You Leave Feedback?

Feel free to leave comments! I love comments and hearing from my audience! J If you have an interesting story or something you feel I should include in a blog entry, send me a comment or e-mail me! You can email me at and I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Just saw your blog on Etsy and thought I'd pop by to say hi, please feel free to visit me sometime!


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