Friday, November 16, 2012

Feature Friday - Finding The Undiscovered Part 3!

The holidays are drawing near, with Thanksgiving just around the corner, and then the prep for Christmas begins! My husband, son, and I head out to a couple Thanksgivings all within a couple hours of each other every year, so by the time we get home, we're definitely stuffed! But, since we go to a couple places on Thanksgiving, and after we got married I wanted to start having a Thanksgiving Family Feast for just our family, we actually have a little Thanksgiving feast here usually about a week after. It seems like A LOT of turkey for 2 (now 3, and soon 4) people, BUT, we freeze a lot of the turkey and come up with all kinds of different ways to use it. What kind of dish are you making to pass around at your Thanksgiving feast?

This is the last Friday before Thanksgiving, next Friday will be Black Friday! For this Friday we continue on with finding 10 sellers on Etsy who haven't really been discovered yet, and try to help them get discovered!

So on to our Featured Sellers!

Opened on Aug 10, 2012
Indianapolis, IN

I started my shop a year after having 4 children in under four years, including a set of twins. It was the perfect way to have something of my very own. It keeps my sanity! I feature children's costumes, tutus, and glittery housewares! My children have all the same costumes at home and love them! My glittery items are personalized and add a fun touch to your housewares collection!

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Opened on Nov 1, 2011
Port Angeles, WA

I, originally, had my jewelry in IshiGallery, my other Etsy shop, but the jewelry began to take over the gallery, so I decided to open a separate shop just for the jewelry.

I specialize in Collectible Vintage Jewelry and Unique, One of a Kind hand beaded jewelry, fashioned with Vintage Cloisonne pendants and beads, Vintage costume jewelry pendants, semi-precious stones, pearls, coral, abalone, and shells, carved cinnabar, wood, and other fine materials.

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Opened on May 16, 2011
Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

My name is Weronika. I currently live in Liverpool, England. I work with textiles on daily basis mostly with felt, woven goods and latchwork in a centre for talented people with learning disabilities.

In 2010 I used my experiences to design a pair of baby booties (aka “butki” in Polish slang) for my best friend’s newborn baby boy — and BOOTKI was born.

I opened my Etsy shop in May 2011. I am inspired by the places I have lived—the mountains of Poland, the seaside of England, exciting Washington, DC—the places I have loved—Sicily, Seattle, San Francisco, Spain—and everywhere in between.

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Opened on Apr 20, 2011
Bradenton, FL

Kleine Couture strives to bring you the truly unique, with a little bit of attitude, at a very affordable price.

I am Heather and I am the owner/operator/designer/maker behind this brand.

After my son was born, I decided to leave my assistant buying job at a fashion retailer and stay at home with him. My educational background is in apparel design and the need to create is a passion within me. Right before his first birthday, I opened my shop so I could do just that.

Some of my favorite products to make and offer include fashion art prints using sketches I rendered during my time at school, fun and funky greeting cards, and upcycled accessories using wine corks and vintage spools. I also sell high-end Barbie doll clothing, colorful cotton totes and non-fashion art prints.

All of my designs have a unique flare and style that is my own.

My items will make especially great Christmas gifts for the collegiate girl's dorm room/apartment, the Barbie enthusiast, the wine lover in your life, and the eco-conscious soul.

Find something for you and someone else today!

As a thank you for visiting the Own Something Awesome blog and visiting the Kleine Couture online ETSY shop, please accept a coupon for 25% off your entire purchase through December 31, 2012.
Coupon Code: OSAblog25

Opened on Feb 11, 2012
Los Angeles, CA

My name is Meghan Simpson. I have a jewelry shop called Fairest One of All. I make beaded and natural stone jewelry. I'm a Stay at Home Mom so I started making jewelry as a hobby, a little something for myself. I loved it so much that I quickly had a ton of pieces.

Here's a tid bit about myself, I've been married to a fantastic man for 7 years and we have the 2 best kids in the world. I have been blessed to be a stay at home, so I spend my days in craziness, and I wouldn't want it any other way. We are a Christian family and hope to show God's love in all we do.

Opened on Oct 17, 2012
Independence, Missouri

My shop mainly features geometric designs using basic and odd geometric shapes. I like to create contrast on most of my pieces.

I've always had a creative side. I love to draw, write, sing, and make geometric patterns(my new thing). I'm inspired by mid century, retro, and modern designs using odd colors people wouldn't usually use. I'm a KC student making modern art for the masses.

Some of my relatives have been on here for years, which inspired me to create some art and hopefully obtain some recognition in the art community. Right now I am currently creating geometric art prints using cardstock and other paper media. I'm still experimenting with techniques but am very excited as to what is going to happen with it in the near future.

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Opened on Feb 12, 2012
Vilnius, Lithuania

Welcome to my small and colorful artwork shop! I hope you will find something for your interior or some gifts for your family, friends, colleagues.

Painting is a passion for me and is the way I can express my feelings, thoughts, visions I have in my mind and what is very important for me - do this in the way I want, in the way I see the world around me.

I'm always experimenting with the different techniques and trying to express myself every time differently. I haven't set any boundaries for myself and don't have a constant style - I'm creating; inspired by the current moment, because it is always great to find something new and get results you don't expect.

I would like people to interpret and feel my paintings, dive into them and see the world we see around us everyday in a very different way. Share good mood, let your imagination go and I hope you will enjoy my artworks!

My online Art Gallery * My Facebook page

Opened on Sep 18, 2012

I just started my shop about a month ago. I started making hair-bows for my daughter, and kinda went overboard... making sure she had a bow to match each outfit. Anyways, I ended up making so many that I started selling the bows at a local "handmade shop" in our area. So, Etsy just seemed like the next most logical step. I LOVE being a stay at home mommy, and am hoping that Etsy could help a little with the finances :)

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Opened on Nov 20, 2009
Turin, Italy

Hello, my name is Valeria. I'm an Italian painter and decorator.

In my shop you'll find my own creations: paper goods, drawing and ACEO, modern jewelry and digital images.
Each work is unique and unrepeatable, completely made by me.

Visit valeriatelier's Blog!

Opened on Nov 17, 2009
Miami, Florida

I learned how to crochet in August 2011 and since than I'm totally hooked. I'm a creative person by nature who enjoys designing "one of a kind" gift packages for special occasions, crocheting and home decorating. I could spend my whole day creating and designing.

I like to combine the warmth of yarn with the rhythm of crochet and the inspiration of design. Most of my items are created freeform.

I got started with Etsy last year after I learned how to crochet. My sister encouraged me to list my items on Etsy because she had confidence in my new learned talent.

I sell crochet hats, neck warmers, cowls, slippers, blankets, accessories, and more.

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That concludes our featured sellers for this Friday! Make sure to Follow OwnSomethingAwesome on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date and see when there is a new blog post! And feel free to leave a comment on the shops!

If you've missed out on the past Feature Fridays - Check them out here!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Lucky you!--you get to have Thanksgiving more than once, hehe. This year our family is excited to just stay home and enjoy one another. Big parties sometimes take the fun out of the holidays. Now that we're only have a small dinner I'm going to go crazy with decorations and party favors! Less guests' = more money for decor, LOL. Great features BTW--it's nice to meet new sellers.

    1. That's true, sometimes its just seems like more work/chaos than fun.. we use to do a couple more things in one day... but schedules changed..

      I remember when I was younger, and a couple Thanksgivings my family (my parents and 3 brothers) stayed home and had a nice dinner at home, watched the parade on Tv, and then we had rented movies to watch. Those were really nice Thanksgivings too :)

  2. What a lovely idea - featuring new sellers. I really like it :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

    1. Thanks! I just remember starting out on Etsy and not knowing how exactly to drive traffic to my store, the different ways of doing it. So I figured why not help out others now that I have a Blog :)

  3. I love your features on undiscovered sellers! Found some new favorites here!

    1. Thanks! I have been finding some new favorites too since I started writing the features! :)

  4. Thank you for including my shop in your feature. There are a lot of talented folks out there who create beautifully things..."why shop retail"!

    1. Sorry...hit the wrong keys "Beautiful" things

    2. I completely agree!! I'm trying to do as much handmade shopping as possible this year! There are so many great things out there! :)

  5. Thanks for including Simply Shimmer! Love reading about the shops!

    1. No problem! :) I had a great time writing it and checking out each shop! :)

  6. Lovely blogpost!! Thank you for including my shop in this wonderful selection

    1. No problem! It is a lovely selection! :) I've had a great time writing and checking out each shop these past couple weeks :)

  7. I love it! I went through quite a few to check them out. Great idea.

    1. Great!! Did you find some shops that might be a new favorite maybe! :)


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