Friday, November 30, 2012

Feature Friday - Finding the Undiscovered Part 5!

Well, this Friday we finish up the Finding the Undiscovered feature! I had a great time getting to know all these sellers and seeing all of their great items in their shops!

If you missed any of the Finding the Undiscovered features click here for a list of the previous features.

And just because Finding the Undiscovered is over - does not mean Feature Friday is! For December we will have the Christmas is in the Air features! So be sure to check back next week, and every Friday! :)

And on to this week's Featured Sellers:

Opened on Jan 11, 2010
Kansas, Oklahoma

I grew up in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains where my passion for the outdoors, nature & true beauty evolved.

I am of Native American decent. My native heritage and nature inspires most of my rustic pieces. However, I also love designing & creating unique contemporary jewelry too. You will see a large diversity of items, as well as Vintage pieces, as I love anything "old".

My pieces are designed & created primarily from all natural materials which include sea glass, sea shells, gemstones, sterling silver, a large variety of beads, feathers, leather, antlers, bone, porcupine quills, & rattlesnake vertebrae. I greatly enjoy working with many different mediums. So you never know what you will find here. . . no two pieces are exactly alike!

Opened on Jun 29, 2011
Monroe, New York

My name is Angela Elizabeth and I am the founder of Angelinas Avenue. I specialize in pet beds and unique greeting cards/invitations. My shop opened in June of 2011 However I recently began making/selling super cute pet beds in August of 2012.

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Opened on Mar 23, 2010
Newnan, Georgia

I opened my shop in 2010 but I really didn't start using it until this summer. I started designing and creating for my shop so that I could stay home with my 13 month old son. I had been working a full time job and a part time job because my husband was layed off this June. Now I work on my shop full time between marketing/creating from home so that I can stay at home and then teach music on the side. It's been a wonderful experience and my goal now is to sell enough to make enough to match the effort and work I put into my shop.

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Opened on Jun 20, 2011
Lisbon, Portugal

I opened my shop in June 2011 but it was just to try something for a friend. It is true that I had been crafting my whole life but it was this summer when I really started working in my shop. I had been working in The Netherlands for three years and this summer I moved to Portugal where my boyfriend is from. The situation in the southern countries in Europe is not good at this moment so I am plenty of time to work in my shop while I am looking for a "real" job in my area. Of course I would love to live out of this, crafts allow you to creat according with your feelings and things look different depending on your mood. But at this point, after working in the networking, forums, promotions and SEO, I would like to have one first sale that shows me that till can work. 

I am also working hard to open a new shop with affordable DIY printable paper goods, as calendars, wedding invitations, labels and organizers. Because design and quality shoud be for all the budgets.
Opened on Oct 8, 2012

I like to make different pieces out of recycled/upcycled items as well as crochet. I do have another artist on there who makes holiday pieces out of terracotta pots. 
I am a senior at MSU and want to also start violin lessons. However I am low on funds so I thought I would start this shop as a way to fund my musical career. Also I have a tendency to pick up new artistic crafts/talents and put them down. So, this will help keep me motivated, become inspired by others as well as hopefully inspire some other people myself. 

Opened on Sep 5, 2012
United States - Surrounded by the Great Lakes

My shop evolved when my parents recently decided they were going to move to a warmer climate. When preparing to list the family home on the market, they phoned all the kids and said "Come get your stuff"! Though they had been threatening us for years, their betrayal of leaving the family home, was quite the shock! This, along with threatening to have a massive garage sale, motivated me to open a shop here on Etsy. It was here at Etsy, I believed like-minded individuals who appreciate vintage items would be a great place to offer my items. I am excited to be part of the community.

Opened on Dec 27, 2010
Buenos Aires, Argentina

One of a kind wire crochet jewelry.
My first steps in handmade jewelry were in 2006 when I discovered the beautiful world of handcrafted jewelry. First, it started as a hobby, and then I realized it was a great way to express my creative side. Two years later I realized that I had developed an advanced technique in crochet jewelry. My son Julian saw my potential and he encouraged me to start a jewelry business and show the world all the pieces that I was creating. He inspired me to become the artist that I am today.
I am self-taught artist and I master the technique by learning from the trials and errors I was making to finally create unique pieces of art. I wanted to create one of a kind jewelry and the steps to follow were patience, hard work and perseverance. My main influences were from crochet artisans of Latin America and Europe. Learning their cultures was a key aspect to develop new ways of creating handcrafted jewelry. I love to learn from new cultures and by transforming them I could find the key to achieve the goals of making the finest wire crochet jewelry.
My main tools of work are several crochet needles and 14k gold filled wire and sterling silver wire
I don’t have specific genres that influence my work. My weaving art is not based on patterns. The designs are developed while my hand-weaving is in progress and are not swayed by popular trends or short-living fashion trends – this is something that makes them timeless and everlasting.
We joined Etsy on December 2010 and since then we are trying to share as much as we can all our passion for handmade jewelry.

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Opened on Aug 6, 2012
Long Beach, California

"Friendship Bracelets with a Twist!"
I opened my shop last August 2012. I only had 5 bracelets listed during that time. The common materials that I use are upcycled fabrics/yarn, cotton cords, hemp cord and bamboo cords. The reason I came up with the slogan "friendship bracelets with a twist!" is because the bracelets that I make are not the usual woven cotton cord bracelets. I added beads, buttons, charms and chains to make it unique. I decided to make other handmade jewelries when a certain Etsy member requested an anklet design. Now my shop has 4 jewelry sections and a supply section. I will be offering more jewelry supplies soon like handmade paper beads, clay charms etc. for other crafty people on Etsy.

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Opened on Oct 15, 2012
San Pablo, CA

I'm Albert Harris, 21 years young. I'm an artist living out of north california. I got started two year's ago after dropping out of school to help take care of my elderly mother. I always loved drawing and art. My father is an artist, mother as well. I picked up the talent from them after trying the whole job searching and countless hours of waiting for job interview's and applying to them - I got fed up on the modern world job 9-5. I recently chose to do something I have a passion for which is art and writing.

Opened on Dec 23, 2009
Ruth, MI

Here at J & L Creations, LLC you will find a variety of artisan made soaps, handpour soy candles, and crochet dish/wash cloths. We welcome you to take a look around and check out all the great items we have to offer!

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If you've missed out on the past Feature Fridays - Check them out here!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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