Monday, November 12, 2012

Sharing is Caring! - Hospice Dreams - "Dreams Are Ageless"

So, back in August, A very nice lady named Kamie contacted me about my crocheted double layered scrubbies. She told me Hospice Dreams was hosting their first annual Dreams are Ageless Golf Outing on September 24th to raise funds to grant Dreams in my area and across the Midwest. At the awards reception after the golf tournament they were going to hold a silent auction for all the donations. She loved my scrubbies and thought my work would be "an amazing contribution to our fundraiser". She was working on gathering a few items for a bathroom accessory basket and wanted to include one of my scrubbies in the basket.

I was honored to donate a scrubbie to this event. I told her not only would I provide a scrubbie, but I would also provide enough items for a kitchen gift basket as well. See, after losing my younger brother in September of 2011 to a tragic car accident, I was going to look into giving to the Make A Wish Foundation. I didn't even know about Hospice Dreams - and how could I not donate to something like that? To know I'm helping someone get one last dream before the end.

A little bit about Hospice Dreams: 
Hospice Dreams gives all hospice patients the opportunity to live out a dream — a final adventure — where they can spend a joy-filled day with loved ones creating memories of living. Whether it’s meeting with their favorite sports team, piloting a plane one last time, or renewing vows with their soul mate, Hospice Dreams provides the opportunity for hospice patients and their families to experience the exhilaration of life once again.

I encourage you to visit to take a glance at some of the Dreams they've made come true. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. 

So, for my donation, I ended up sending a set of Textured Wash Cloths, Acrylic Sponges, Cotton Sponges, and some Scrubbies.

In October I received a letter from Hospice Dreams, stating that my participation, along with everyone else's, helped grant wishes for:
*A young single mother who promised her 9-year-old son she would take him to Great America.
*A lifelong artist who visited the art museum once more. 
*A couple who celebrated 69 years of marriage with the music of their youth at a big band concert. 

It's little things we can do in the world that make a big difference, so I encourage you, go out and find something you can do too! Whether it be donating money or items (Coats for Kids, The Salvation Army, food drives, etc.) or just helping out in your community, the small things CAN make a difference in at least 1 other person's life. It may not be very big in the grand scheme of things, but you just made someone else's day that much better. 


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