Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Buy Handmade?

Well, I could say all day "Buy Handmade" but just saying those 2 words probably wouldn't influence most people. I want to explain WHY I think you should buy handmade products. You may not agree, and you may continue to shop where you normally do - but with this post, I may inspire even just one more person in the world to buy handmade products, and that is quite all right with me.

All it take sometimes is to find one more person - and after they are satisfied, they tell others. Out of the 25 people they may tell about their great new item, or experience, maybe only one of those 25 is inspired to buy handmade, just like the first person - and so that's one more person. 2 is still better than 0 right?

So why personally do I think you should buy handmade? Here's 5 reasons:

1) When You Buy That Item, You Probably Just Made That Seller's Day! 
 I've been on both the buying and selling end of handmade products. Still to this day, I get a huge smile and want to jump for joy on every sale. (Which then I tell my husband, and promptly after either call, text, or Facebook message my mom - every sale this happens lol) Now, when I go and buy something handmade, not only am I going to end up with this great product, but I smile knowing I probably just made that seller's day by purchasing their item. This makes me feel even better about my purchase! It's much more satisfying than most my shopping trips to the store, where a lot of the time even though a cashier is friendly enough, you know they don't really want to be there and they're just waiting for their shift to be over.

2) You're Opening The Door For More Creativity!
 Lately I've noticed a lot of people have gotten away from their creative sides. A lot of people are just going day-to-day working, watching television, playing Facebook games, etc. Now don't get me wrong, I watch television and play Facebook games, but I also need my creative outlet.
For my business I crochet, but I like to try a lot of other things as well. I'm a very hands-on kind of person. Now, when I make something new - if I try to sell it and it never sells, I probably won't make anymore; however, if I make something and even 1 sells, it's great! I feel like someone love my work and they see the value in it. Then the creativity wheels start turning. Because yes, that customer may think it's absolutely fabulous the way it is, but now that I know there's an interest, I'm thinking - how do I make this even better? What can I change or add to improve it? Well, now the doors were just opened for even more creativity!

3) The Quality is Generally Higher!
If you're buying from someone who is truly passionate about their work, generally you'll be buying a much higher quality item. Some of the items I own today that were handmade I've had since I was very young, and they are still in great shape!

4) You Won't Own What Everyone Else Already Has!
Now a great example of this is jewelry. Don't get me wrong - I like to browse a jewelry store every now and then, but if I'm going to buy a necklace or bracelet, I don't want to own the same one as others around me. I want a statement piece - something different so people compliment it and ask where I bought such a great necklace!
The same for purses - I have a handmade purse that has been complimented several times just randomly by people I've never met - just because it's different! I don't own the same purse as the other 25-50 people (just throwing random #'s out there) who went to the same local store in the mall and bought the cute new black one. Yea, it's cute, I'll admit it, but what's unique about it?

And I'm just going to conclude with one last point:

5) Handmade Gifts Are More Personal. 
I know for a fact some would disagree with this. I remember a comment about my idea for drawing prizes at my baby shower and how they were "just handmade" so, other gifts were also bought to give out. Well, I understand some people feel that way. Personally, since I made some of the items and my mom made the others, I felt good about giving them out because it felt like I was saying thank you even more. I spent time to make them these nice gifts as a thank you for them spending their hard earned money to give us gifts for a baby. I suppose that's just my outlook on it. BUT, in my opinion, when the holidays come around - I look forward to the handmade gifts I receive. I feel like that person cares that much about me to find something, or even make something, unique just for me. It wasn't just some quick in-and-out trip into the mall where all presents were quickly bought on Christmas Eve day. Plus, if you haven't noticed yet, I just love handmade items! I just feel that when I am looking at certain handmade items, a certain person in my life might come to mind, because that item fits their style or personality, which makes the gift seem more personal.

But again, this is completely just my opinion and you could completely disagree with me, and that's ok!

With the holidays coming up though, I hope you'll take some time to consider some points I've made, and maybe you'll make the decision to buy something handmade for someone in your life! :)

For some great shops on Etsy, Check out the Feature Fridays posts.

And please feel free to leave a comment on your views of buying handmade. I would love to hear from you!

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  1. I think buying handmade is awesome. Not only do I sell handmade items I also buy a lot of handmade items. I do not feel handmade items are often cheap, in fact I feel they are higher quality than store bought because the most people have to spend more in supplies and put in the extra time to make the product than factory made items. I make handbags and I am very satisfied with the wallets I make. I really feel they are sturdy plus it also helps me improve my product whenever a customer or myself notices an error. Definitely will be doing some handmade shopping for this holiday season.

    1. I completely agree! I feel the quality is higher as well! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! :)

  2. Love handmade, and I love to buy from independent, local artisans!

    1. Definitely! I just used Pinterest to make a whole Christmas list of items on Etsy! I think its great to support everyone who sells handmade! :)

  3. I love this post. As an independent artist, I fight for the business I have and am so grateful to my clients. I want them to have the experience of a lifetime shopping from me. And you're quite right, the quality is usually so much higher than our commercial counterparts. I often let my customers know that they're purchasing something that is actually worth MORE than what they paid as opposed to commercial items which are worth much LESS than what we pay.

    As a buyer of handmade items too, I totally agree about the gifts being more personal. Last year I bought all my gifts on Etsy and went for things that I could have personalized. You would not believe how much more everyone loved their gifts. The sellers were all so friendly and professional. After such a great experience, I'm sticking with handmade for Christmas!

    P.S. I found you on the Etsy blog team! Cheers.

    1. I completely agree! This Christmas I'm trying to stick with handmade whether it is made by me - or by someone else. :)

      Thanks for stopping over from the team! :)

  4. Great post and there is no way I could not agree! As a crafter/maker, each and every sale is such a pleasure! And I feel such a frill offering handmade for each and every occasion. It does take an awful lot of time as one's even more inclined to question the choice of gift to make, but well worth it!!!

    1. Thank you! I agree - it is well worth it! :)


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