Monday, December 17, 2012

A Very Merry Monday!

Today is a Very Merry Monday! There's only 8 more days until Christmas, and I am working as much as possible on finishing up the Christmas presents (when I have time, since Seth & Elijah take up a lot of it lol)

Are you finishing up any Christmas Presents still?

Since I'm in the Christmas spirit, and claimed today a Very Merry Monday, I found some great "Merry Christmas" items on Etsy! :)

Red Merry Christmas Gift Tags from CharonelDesigns

Vinyl Wall Lettering from WallThatTalk

Set of 6 Christmas Santa Owl Gift Tags from queenofpapercards

Ugly Christmas Winner Sweater from DonkeyTees

Merry Christmas Decorative Wooden Block Sets from shimarina

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Have Your Self A Very Merry Monday!

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