Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New You! Hello 2013!

So, I believe you can only have so many years in between good ones. Apart from events with my children (Seth born 2011, Elijah born 2012) - 2011 was a horrible year, and 2012 just seemed mediocre. I'm bound and determined 2013 is going to be a great year! Hence the title - New Year, New You! I'm going to be happier, get skinnier, and be more successful! I've already started setting up my goals for being more successful. And every day I'm going to remember - even if everything didn't get done that day, as long as my family is happy when we all go to sleep at night, it was still a good day! Now, on to the New Year's Resolutions!! (There's quite a few) 

1) BE HEALTHIER - normally, this one is lose weight, but I want to be healthier overall, and to teach my kids a healthy lifestyle as well. Seth is already on the right track - he's a big fan of most fruits and vegetables, and he loves drinking water. My husband and I want to start cooking healthier, more-rounded meals as well. Eventually I want to make more things ourselves rather than buy them from the store too. As for working out, my 6 week postpartum check-up isn't until January 16th, but after that, I got Hip Hop Abs for Christmas! Then, when there's time, my gym membership becomes active again on February 6th. 

2) BE MORE ORGANIZED -  I started working on this in November, then closer to Christmas things got a little chaotic. So, my goal this year is for everything to be more organized. I'm going to find a home for all those odds and ends laying around, keep up on book work, have my daily to-do lists, and just overall be more organized. 

3) HAVE A DATE NIGHT - So, my goal for my husband and I this year is to get out of the rut we're in from crappy circumstances the last couple years, and try to get back to how things use to be. So, I think what we need is to have a date night once a month, without the kids. I don't think finding a babysitter for a couple hours once a month will be TOO hard. Especially since it doesn't really have to be a date night. Any time works really. Then we can have a nice, non-stressful, non-chaotic meal somewhere and catch a movie, or when it's nice out, pack some lunch and go to one of the parks and walk the trails together. Just some one-on-one connect time. 

4) GET OUT OF DEBT - Our goal for 2013 is to finally be debt-free. Then we can get a second vehicle again, since we're only have my Grand Am since I was in an accident with his truck in August of 2009, which totaled it out (but I wasn't at-fault at least!) And after getting out of debt, then we can start looking into buying our first home, out of the city. We both want to move back out to the country. :) 

5) TAKE MORE PICTURES -  I realized since my phone with a good camera on it quit working, I stopped taking pictures. Now this past fall I bought a pretty decent camera, so I am making my one of my resolutions to take more pictures. I think pictures are important to look back on and remember the memories that were made. :)

6) HELP OTHERS MORE - Last year I donated some items to Hospice Dreams for their Dreams Are Ageless Golf Outing and then every year around the holidays I always put money into the buckets for Salvation Army. This past winter, my mom and her friend have been working on making items to donate for the less fortunate, that have a little logo on them in memory of my brother because he always helped people out. They put his initials C.J.G with some angel wings around them. I thought this was a great idea, to honor his memory and to help others. So this inspired me to want to help out more this year. I probably won't be volunteering anywhere right now because of the kids, but I would like to make things to donate around the coats for kids donation time, package up a bag of non-perishable goods for food drives, and maybe closer to the holidays next year, Seth and I can make some things to take to a home. We use to do this in 4-H and theirs a home close to my parents house that use to let us come and give the items to the elderly that resided there. 

7) COUPON MORE - Just because who doesn't like to save money?? I did really good with this for a while, then towards the end of the year, not so much. But that's my goal this year is to get back into it and save money when I can. I would rather have the money for my next resolution anyway! 

8) SAVE FOR VACATIONS -  I have a couple of vacations in mind. 
*By the end of 2013 I want to have enough money saved up to take my family to Great Wolf Lodge. 
*May 30, 2014 is Daniel and I's 5 year anniversary, and we want to go back to Petoskey because we had so much fun there on our honey moon.
*And by the end of 2018 I want to have enough money saved up to take my family to Disney World for a week! 

When I figured this all out, I figured from now until those dates, I need to save about $400 a month. We'll see how well this plan works out :)

9) POST MORE ON THE BLOG - My goal is to actually have more posts here than just Feature Fridays. My husband and I want to make up more posts on things we cook or bake, when Seth gets a little older I want to do some posts on great kids crafts, I want to work on more DIY posts of things that I did/made, and just any other random posts :) For now, I will be adding in Thursday's Treasures every Thursday though, and there will always be a Feature Friday Etsy seller. Then I'm shooting for one more post within the week somewhere at least. Hopefully more once things start to normalize a bit around here schedule wise =) 


10) EXPAND MY BUSINESS - There's some new things I would like to try and make and add to my Etsy store eventually here, and if things go as planned for 2013, and we become debt-free and end up finding a house to buy, once we move, I would like to expand into some other areas. I would love to eventually start making soaps and lotions to start out. And then I am going to have my Etsy store, as well as start offering to do Home Parties locally. 

So, Those are my 10 New Year's Resolutions for 2013! SO, in order to make sure I keep them, at the end of every month I'll give a quick update on my progress for each one! 

What were your New Year's Resolutions? And how do you plan to achieve them??

Happy New Year Everyone! :)

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