Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thursday's Treasures! - It's Super Bowl Time!

So, the Super Bowl. It's that time of year where my husband drinks beer, I drink my Diet Pepsi, some football is watched, and there's usually some pretty good food around :) Growing up, in my house with my 3 brothers and my mom and dad, Super Bowl usually consisted of betting a quarter on which team would win, having tacos and nachos, and then banana splits for the half time show. Ah, memories haha. This year, I'm not 100% sure on our plans yet but I'm thinking either place we end up, some tacos and nachos will be had. :) If we go somewhere, I was thinking of making a football cake too. There's a cake recipe I want to try, but I don't want a whole cake in my house because I know I will be the one who eats it. So, we will see for sure! If I make the cake, I will be sure to take pictures to share with you! :)

So, since the Super Bowl is this Sunday, that is what this week's Thursday's Treasures was inspired by. Enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. Love your football treasury!!! Hope you guys have fun watching the game and eating awesome food haha. This is my first year ever without cable tv to watch it (we just get netflix now), and I'm guessing my husband will do a guys things and I'll be home with our little one not watching.


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