Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where Has The Time Gone?!

So, I've been meaning to update you guys on the happenings in my life, but my days are just too short and my to-do list is just too long! I'm working on it, I'll find a balance eventually!

So, what's new. Elijah is almost 2 months old, Seth will be turning 2 in February! And he's become quite the little chatter box as well. It's cute :)

Flower Die Cut - Set of 10
My husband has had about a week off of work now (since last Wednesday afternoon) so I have had a lot of help with the kids and was able to make some new things! As some of you know, I have another Etsy shop called A&K Gift Gallery. This shop has actually been around longer than Own Something Awesome. It is my everything else shop. So, I decided I wanted to start playing with paper. I don't like to scrapbook though. I don't print off a lot of my pictures, and I get side-tracked too often to actually make up a whole scrapbook. So, I am making cards :)
Mini Cards - Thank You's - Lunchbox Notes - Set of 15
 So far I just cut out some die cuts for the scrapbookers out there. But I also have been making some mini cards as well.  They're the perfect size to say a quick Thank You, or I love you, or something short and sweet. Then, when I get some more time, I am going to start actually making some larger sized cards as well! I have slowly been accumulating supplies to do this. (Thank you to everyone who gave me JoAnn's gift cards for Christmas! You know me so well!)

Other than that, nothing has been made for Own Something Awesome lately.. I'm seriously lacking on my scrubbie inventory though, so some netting must be cut, and I should probably start crocheting again!

I've decided the other day, that I have tried to take on so many things on my plate all at once (like usual) and probably right after having a baby, was not the greatest time. But, that's how I operate :) And anyone who really knows me, also knows this is VERY true. So, instead of taking on a million things and never accomplishing many of them, I decided on FOCUS DAYS. Yep. I have a Research Day, Own Something Awesome Day, Blog Day, A&K Gift Gallery day, Networking Day, and then a couple freebie days. Now, not saying on Blog Day I might not work on something for Own Something Awesome or A&K Gift Gallery, but thats my day to focus on any big projects that need to get done - whether it's A&K Gift Gallery day and I need to do inventory, or I need to seriously look at my listings and fix descriptions or tags, things like that.

So, we'll see how this plan works! Because also in my day, I need play time with Seth, and work out time (because that's definitely needed) and house cleaning time, etc. etc. etc. Like I said, my days are too short, and my to-do list too long!

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