Friday, February 22, 2013

Feature Friday - evilrose & Coupon Code!

Remember those old Bands shirts you had that you just couldn't part with no matter how old they were? Well, today's featured seller has found a way to give them life again! 

1) How did you start creating?
I had a drawer full of old concert T's that I hadn't worn in years (ripped, too small, inappropriate, etc....) but didn't have the heart to throw them out. I had my sewing machine out to make my daughter a tote bag for school and thought "let me do something to these so i can use them once again!". What was a desperate last chance for those old shirts has now launched a whole business for me~

2) What is your favorite thing about creating?
I am a die-hard thrift shop junkie! I'm usually cutting templates while my hubby and I are watching movies (yes, I can multi-task!). and while sitting at my sewing machine I have my headphones on and am "IN THE ZONE"!!! I guess I can say I love the total process of creating my bags~

3) Where do you find your inspiration?
Inspiration comes from day to day life. I watch what people wear and what they carry. What can I create to make their life easier yet represent their musical taste?

4) Tell us about what you sell.
I upcycle once loved band/concert shirts and give them new lives (purses, totes, clutches, boho bags, messenger bags, diaper bags).

5) How did your shop get it's name?
My 5th grade teacher, Mr. Thomas, once called me "an evilrose." It's a play off my name, Eva Rose.

6) Do you have any advice for other sellers?
Never second guess yourself. Everyone is born with a talent, you just have to find it~

7) How do you balance your Etsy shop, your children, and your everyday schedule?
First off, I am a mother of 3 kids (high school, middle school and elementary) which means I'm constantly on the go~ my husband is very supportive (and patient!). Etsy fills the hours in between drop offs/pick ups, laundry, shopping and meals. Having to sit here and write this makes me wonder, how do i do it??? but if you want it bad enough, there's always time, you'll find it somehow!

8) Where else can we find you?
Facebook  *  Pinterest  *  Instagram  *  Twitter  *  Wanelo

And as a special bonus for the readers here she left us a coupon code to use! 

EVILFRIENDS15 for 15% off everything in my store! (except custom orders)

Thanks evilrose! 

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