Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Year's Resolutions - February's Progress

1) BE HEALTHIER - This month I have been part of the Heart Racer challenge

2) BE MORE ORGANIZED -  As seen in this post I now have a new book shelf so my computer desk will not be so cluttered! :)  

3) HAVE A DATE NIGHT - yep, still didn't happen lol

4) GET OUT OF DEBT -  I paid off the medical bills! :) 

5) TAKE MORE PICTURES - This did happen! I took more with my camera, and I got a fancy new phone and have been taking a lot of pictures of the kids with that :) 

6) HELP OTHERS MORE - Still working on this one. 

7) COUPON MORE - Remembered to actually buy newspapers  :)

8) SAVE FOR VACATIONS -  Slacking on this one.. 

9) POST MORE ON THE BLOG - Accomplished :) 

10) EXPAND MY BUSINESS - Still on hold. 

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