Thursday, February 28, 2013

Seth is 2!!

Oh my goodness!! It's so hard to believe that Seth is 2 already!  It doesn't feel that long ago I was in the hospital and he had just arrived, and here we are already, 2 years later. And he's not even the baby anymore - because as you all know,  we had Elijah in December.  But I tell Seth he's still my baby :)

So, in celebration of his birthday, I'll share some pictures!

And what does Seth like at the age of 2?
Favorite Food: Apples, bananas, oranges, and recently cupcakes and cake. We never not have apples in our house anymore. He needs to have one daily.
Favorite Activity: Drawing circles, and writing "Seth".
Favorite Shows: Pingu, Super Why!, and recently Dora the Explorer.
And to note: he's also an escape artist, had recently learned he can open the fridge, and is a little dare devil. (He will try climbing on everything and anything now).

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