Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Are Your Dreams?

Another photo for The Heart Racer Challenge:

What are your dreams?
-This is open to anything and everything, include on fitness/health dream! Be creative.

(Notice I did this right before the Blog had a Makeover!)

My Answer: 

For my Dreams, they are a bit scattered.. but overall...
On the left are my 2 etsy shops and my blog. I want to one day have them be awesome and built up and be really successful :) 
On the right, from top to bottom..

My dream is to buy a nice house with some land and have a pole barn (for my husband)
When I own a house, I want to be more self-sufficient - raise some of my own animals for consumption, have a garden for fresh veggies, and chickens for eggs. 
Fresh Start - kind of self explanatory but my husband and I want to get debt free and then move into a house and start over fresh.. without making the same mistakes we did before. (debt, eating habits, etc.)
I want to travel someday, not necessarily out of the country, but at least around the United States to see all different things. 
Also, I want to go to Vegas someday with my husband because when he went for work, I had Seth a week before so I wasn't able to go with him, and he really wanted me to go someday to experience it because he liked it so much.
And to lead a much healthier life, eating & exercise, so that I can grow old with my husband :)

What are some dreams that you have? 

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