Friday, March 29, 2013

Feature Friday - AmandaDoster

This week's Feature Friday Etsy Seller is Amanda from AmandaDoster

Hello! My name is Amanda Doster. I live in Minnesota with my husband and almost 4-year old son, Timothy. I am a stay-at-home mom, very slowly working on building a business in arts and crafts. In addition to participating in local shows, I am the owner of the Etsy shop, Amanda Doster.

1) How did you start creating?
Creation is an integral part of who I am. As far back as I can remember I have been unable to keep my hands and imagination still. Be it expressed in writing, doodles, paper, cake (I love sweets!), or any other medium, I always have something new in the works.

2) What is your favorite thing about creating?
My favorite thing about creating is finding new ways to use something old, or new ways to apply old techniques. My house is filled with boxes of discarded paper, wood, fabric, and other scraps that I use in a variety of projects. 

3) Where do you find your inspiration?
Inspiration is difficult to pin down. I see a pattern of fabric, a natural scene as I am driving, or read a phrase in a book, and way more often than not, some sort of image comes to mind. If it sticks with me long enough (I tend to be a bit absent minded...), I refine the idea through sketches and experimenting.

4) Tell us about what you sell.
Currently, my shop features a variety of my paper works. I use quilling (coiling and shaping strips of paper) to make jewelry, accessories, miniatures, and framed art. Another one of the larger sections in my shop is my "Mulberry Critters", fuzzy paper-pieced scrapbooking embellishments. I have hopes to open a second shop with my other crafts (wood turning, gourd art, etc) as soon as I can build up enough inventory.

5) How did your shop get it's name?
I decided to use my own name for my shop as a way of establishing a personal connection with my customers. That's my one of my favorite things about the handmade market: the intimacy of the process. 

6) Do you have any advice for other sellers?
My best advice for anyone trying to “make it” in the arts and crafts world is to make what you love. It is hard work trying to run a business from home. Passion for your craft shows in your product and makes all of those long hours bearable. Finding the right market niche might be difficult, but I have seen some crazy things sell at shows. I am convinced that there is a market for almost everything.

7) How do you balance your Etsy shop, your children, and your everyday schedule?
Balancing life is a challenge for everyone, I think. Personally, it involves a lot of early mornings or late nights working on projects. I have a very supportive husband who usually lets me hide out to work on the weekends. 

8) Where else can we find you?
My Etsy Shop,, is connected to the Facebook Page, Amanda Doster Art (

I don't have any specific coupons right now, but I almost always have an active promotion on Facebook. Be sure to stop by and leave a comment. I'd love to hear what you think of my work!

Thanks Amanda! 

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