Friday, April 26, 2013

Feature Friday - HandmadesBetter!

This week's Feature Friday Seller is another fellow crocheter! If you have a minute, stop by and check out some of the cute items in her shop! Meet Laycee from HandmadesBetter

1) How did you start creating?
I love to work with my hands so when I saw my great grandmother still doing it into her 80's I knew I had to learn.

2) What is your favorite thing about creating?
I love being able to share my creations with people that will appreciate them, every project I do is like I'm doing it for a friend or family member a lot of love goes in to them. 

3) Where do you find your inspiration?
I get a lot of inspiration from friends and fellow crocheters.

4) Tell us about what you sell.
Currently my store only contains 2 items, head bands and ear warmers, but this is only because I never took photos of my work because I didn't consider selling it until after my second son was born. I can create just about anything but I am not a fan of making afghans. I like to see my projects complete and if it is going to take several weeks to see the results I tend to lose interest.

5) How did your shop get it's name?
My shops name is "HandMadesBetter" because it is :) My business name is Forever Blessed Crochets. I chose this because I feel blessed to be able to do this craft and hopefully soon it will bring a nice income so I can stay home with my children Forever. 

6) Do you have any advice for other sellers?
I'm too new for advice but would love advice from others.

7) How do you balance your Etsy shop, your children, and your everyday schedule?
My children always take priority over any of my projects. My husband works full time, so I spend my days caring for the kids and out home. I am able to work on my projects during nap time and I have a lot of late nights/ early mornings, but it is all worth it! 

8) Where else can we find you?
On facebook at or by email at

Thanks Laycee! 

That concludes our featured seller for this Friday! Make sure to Follow OwnSomethingAwesome on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date and see when there is a new blog post! And feel free to leave a comment on the shops!

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