Friday, June 14, 2013

Feature Friday - TinyTipis & Coupon Code!

I don't know about you guys, but I remember when I was younger and I had a dream catcher of my own, so this shop brought back from childhood memories for me! Meet this week's Featured Seller Cory from TinyTipis

1) How did you start creating?
I've always had a passion for creating. I first learned to sew before I was old enough to reach the pedal. Before I could do math I was making my own patterns and refining them. When I learned to count my grandma taught me to crochet and knit. From there it's all just a blur of stitches and wonderful ladies who have taught me so much.

2) What is your favorite thing about creating?
I love the ability I have to connect with people on an artistic level. I tend to be shy until someone asks me about my art, then I find it hard to shut-up. 

3) Where do you find your inspiration?
My son. He just turned two years old in December and he gives me so much inspiration I don't know what to do with it all. Before him my life, and creativity, had no direction. 

4) Tell us about what you sell.
I sell Native American Tipis. I also sell high quality canvas goods, natural dream catchers, and art. My Tepees are all made from patterns I drafted and perfected myself. I offer custom orders, custom Teepee painting, and personalized dream catchers. 

5) How did your shop get it's name?
Tiny Tipis was a natural fit for my company name since I opened my Etsy shop with just 3 miniature tipis for sale. 

6) Do you have any advice for other sellers?
As much as us artists hate to hear it, it's all about the SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

7) How do you balance your Etsy shop, your children, and your everyday schedule?
I tell myself to "just do it" a lot. If I find myself dragging my feet it helps to remind myself that it's less painful if I do the task as quickly as I can. I also drink lots of coffee.

8) Where else can we find you?
Facebook     *     Pinterest     *     Blog     *     Website

And as a special bonus for the readers here she left us a coupon code to use!

For 10% off your Etsy order use the code "GEN13CC"

Thanks Cory!

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