Thursday, June 6, 2013

Elijah is 6 months old!

A quick little update today - 

I just wanted to share, that Elijah is 6 months old today! Wow! The last 6 months have just flew by! 

Elijah is doing great. He eats a ton, and loves his fruits and veggies (the ones he has tried so far) and he just keep growing and growing! He's almost in the same size clothes as Seth... He rolls both ways, loves his new jumperoo, and is just an all around pretty happy baby unless he needs something. 

(See that awesome bib on the left? My mom made that for him! Possible future product for one of our shops!)

And, another thing about today's date.. In exactly one year, my youngest brother will be getting married! Yea, that makes me feel old too. But he found someone who is really great, and I am so happy for them both. :) 

Tomorrow is another Feature Friday, and I am working on getting some more blog posts going. I know things have been a bit slow around here. But did you check out the awesome Guest Blog Post we had yesterday? Those cupcakes sound pretty delicious! 

Have a great Thursday everyone! 

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