Thursday, June 20, 2013

Guest Post: Tips For Making The Perfect Cupcake!

If you loved the guest post "Quick Ripe Apple Cupcakes You Can Bake With Your Kids!" You'll also love to read this week's special guest post from Ivy who is currently working with Little Bertha.

Tips For Making The Perfect Cupcake

It is important to prepare your batter. Proper measuring of ingredients is a key to baking cupcakes perfectly—especially when you’re making them from scratch recipes. At this stage you  can also add fun flavours and textures to your batter such as cookie crumbs, choc chips or sprinkles. The next tip is to prepare you pan. There are some easy ways to bake cupcakes, all of which will help you turn out fluffy, crumb-free cakes perfect for icing and decorating. You can either bake with cups, which will give your cupcakes their own little home, or you can bake without; but you will need to grease your pan first.

One of the best cupcake baking tips for serving a perfect cupcake is to prepare from the bottom up. Make sure you have the proper batter amount, baking temperature and time for the specialty cupcake pan size you are using. You can measure your batter by spoonfuls or cup sizes. When adding the batter to the pan, the best mess-free option is to squeeze it into the cup using a decorating bag. Other good cupcake baking tips for filling - use an ice cream scoop, a large spoon or a measuring cup. Little Bertha know the importance of just the right amount of fluffy cupcake and luscious frosting.

One of the most common mistakes is not having the oven at the right temperature, and this is usually due to the oven having an uneven, and inaccurate temperature. After your cupcakes have come out all light and fluffy, you can jazz them up a bit by piping a filling into the centre such as an icing, chocolate filling, or jam. It’s an easy step that immediately makes your cupcakes that much more exciting.

In addition to these vital steps for fluffy and delicious cupcakes, there are a few other things you can do to make them extra fun and exciting. You can make your cupcakes look unique and colourful by piping rainbow colours on top of each other in each cup. Or before you fill your cupcake cup, pipe in a bottom layer, then place a little treat such as a cookie in the middle before piping the rest of the batter on top. It’s easy to make your own delicious cupcakes, now all you have to do is decorate with frosting!

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