Friday, July 26, 2013

Feature Friday - SnowFlakeShoppe & Coupon Code!

Bows, Barrettes, and Headbands galore! If you're in the market for any of these, check out this week's Featured Seller Nicole from SnowFlakeShoppe

1) How did you start creating?
I started creating a little after I got out of high school, my friend told me I should start making stuff to sell on Etsy because I wanted to make a little extra cash so I had intended on making purses and coin purses but I figured out quickly I was very bad a working a sewing machine haha. 

2) What is your favorite thing about creating? 
I just love seeing my products finished and on display and hoping that they'll sale cause it's something I worked hard on creating.

3) Where do you find your inspiration? 
I find that late at night when I'm just slightly awake I get my best ideas on new items I want to create.

4) Tell us about what you sell. 
I sale a variety of things I mostly make bows, but when I'm getting a little tired of making them I also make jewelry, my items are very out there. They lean towards young adults and children. Very colorful and fun.

5) How did your shop get it's name? 
It's really funny my shop got it's name from my friends calling me SnowFlake because I'm always cold, and I liked naming my shop that cause not one item in my shop is the same..just like a Snowflake. :]

6) Do you have any advice for other sellers?
Do not give up I have had my shop sense 2011 and it is not where I would like it to be but I know I will get noticed eventually I'm hoping 2013 will be my year!

7) How do you balance your Etsy shop, your children, and your everyday schedule?
It's hectic especially when I'm in when school starts up, this semester I'm only going part time just so I have a little more time on my hands. But usually it's hectic running a house with our dog, cat, and a crazy 2 year old haha I am surprise I have time on my hands. 

8) Where else can we find you?

And as a special bonus for the readers here she left us a coupon code to use!

For 20% off your Etsy order use the code "SNOW123"

Thanks Nicole! 

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