Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What is YOUR Awesome?

What is your Awesome?
It could really be anything.   When I was thinking about what posts to do on this Blog to get it back up and running,  I questioned it. I thought I really limited myself to just showing awesome products I found online or tried. That's when I consulted with my husband's dear cousin and friend,  Kayla, from Say Not Sweet Anne. (which by the way, she runs an AWESOME blog and I encourage you all to check it out of you're interested in crafting & DIY).   She pretty much told me that Somebody's awesome could really be anything. And how true this is... Not only do we have awesome material objects, but we have awesome people in our lives, awesome talents,  awesome hobbies,  awesome personalities,  and awesome lives in general. So really, Owning Something Awesome really isn't limited to the material possessions we have in our lives.  Although, on the material possessions note, I am pretty psyched that last April I purchased a Windows Surface that I'll use for my business and my Blog. I instantly fell in love, but I am kind of an office geek (office supplies, office software, etc. When I walk into an office supplies store, Im like a kid in a candy shop! )
But back on topic... So I think I will also do a couple posts on different things that could be awesome in your life, what's awesome in mine that you might relate to, and also ease back into Blogging by doing Feature Friday, To Be Loved on Saturday's, and things going on for the business side of Own Something Awesome. I know if I try to do too much at once I will overwhelm myself and burn out again, so I'm going for slow and steady wins the race - just until both my boys are in school.
As always, feel free to leave comments, send me an e-mail, or send a message on the Facebook page if there's something you'd like to see, or if you even just loved the post you just read! I'm really looking forward to this summer being a great one and I thank all of my readers for sticking around!  
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What is YOUR Something Awesome??

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