Friday, August 7, 2015

Craft Shows 101: Intro

Do you make handmade items and want to start selling at craft shows? - Tweet This!

Are you already starting to sell at craft shows but think you need to up your game? 

Well, I have just the thing for you!

I am currently working on a book for the beginner entering the Craft Show community. While writing this book, I am also going to share some of the information here with you to help you get ready for the fall show season.

Some of the topics I am going to cover are:

*Where to Find a Craft Show
*Finding the Right Show for You

*The Application Process
*Preparing for the Show
*The Day Before the Show
*The Morning of the Show
*Show Time!
*Other tips and advice along the way! 

I will be posting each week a new topic for Craft Shows 101. I hope you enjoy the series, and if you want to learn more, keep checking back to see when the release of the book will be.

Have a specific question? Leave a comment below and I'll address it in a future post! 

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