Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Went MIA!

Well, I made the original post and then went MIA! So, I will update you on what's been going on, and what you can see in the future.

Summer has come to an end... I hope you all enjoyed it! Seth (my 18 month old) LOVES the outdoors so we tried to get out when we could. :) Then there was the regular yearly festivities, Memorial Day Weekend Party, Fourth of July Party, Labor Day Weekend Party, some weddings, some friendly get-together's, and a lot of cookouts. It was enjoyable. :)

Also this summer, My husband opened his first Etsy store! That was exciting for both of us. :) You can check it out at the link here - Visual ReMix (don't worry, it will open a new window!) So now we enjoy sitting and talking about ways to optimize our shops, expand, etc.

Now that it's fall, we're preparing for the holiday season. I introduced the textured wash cloths in my shop already, and I have one more new item coming soon! (More on that at a later date) I also did a donation to Hospice Dreams, which I will make a blog post about after that event has happened (it takes place on September 24), and then I have just been working on expanding my current inventory.

So, be sure to come back in a bit, because I WILL be posting again for sure! I have some new things I want to share! For other updates, don't forget to check out Facebook and Twitter. And if you're a fan of Pinterest feel free to follow me there :) I keep finding lots of yummy recipes, organization ideas, and crafty little things! :)

Until Next Time!
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